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মানব সম্পদ উন্নয়ন

Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development is committed to develop human resource capacity though different need based training interventions to achieve the goals and objectives of Palli Daridro Bimochon Foundation (PDBF). This division is also equally responsible for the planning and implementation on need based skill development, leadership and social development/ gender related training for its clients to improve their livelihood through enhancing their financial and management capacities. The mission and purpose of HRD is to:

      *Provide individual development focused on performance improvement related to a current job

      *Provide career development focused on performance improvement related to future job assign

   *Provide organizational development that results both optimum utilization of human potential and improved human performance, which together improves the efficiency of the organization

HRD Division playing a vital role to improve the competencies of staff and increase awareness of the members about various social and gender issues. PDBF has been able to realize almost all of its staff and members of the societies. The primary focus is to capacity building of the client through training for the income generating activities. Client were trained in the areas of leadership development, legal rights, gender issues, adult literacy and skill development which cover livestock, fisheries, animal husbandry and agriculture.




Training Forum

Training forum is considered as the most critical and important training activity for membership education. It strengthens the awareness and competencies of the asset less rural poor, and assists them to initiates and manages their own socio-economic development process. From the beginning of PBDF, membership education through training forum has been given to priority. Training forum will be implemented in every week.


Leadership and Group Development Training

To develop leadership and management capacity of the solidarity group leaders, a three-day leadership and group development training activities are available for the group leaders. This Training will promote networking and solidarity building among clients. Group disciplines and collective leadership processes are established resulting in good group performance in the areas of credit and social development


Skill Development Training for Establishing IGAs

Field staff will be instrumental in continuously identifying income generation opportunities and training needs of the beneficiaries with assistance. They will request the services of the Technical Teams assist them in implementing the training and provide the local follow-up as required and arrange inputs and services from the Nation Building Departments.


Social Development Training

There is a growing consensus in PDBF and elsewhere that, along with economic assistance, it is essential to extend other help and services required to improve the social quality of life. In striving to improve quality of life, utilization of all potential resources is important In view of the fact that employment and credit is merely catalysts to changing a persons standard of living, a comprehensive approach to development is necessary that takes into consideration the other aspect of life like education, health, nutrition, housing, family planning and the emancipation of women. In PDBF Social Development can be define as the empowerment process which promotes critical consciousness leading to:

      * Human dignity

      * Release of creative potential of the poor

      * Equity

      * Social justice, and

      * Genuine democracy.


Client Training

             * Strengthen Weekly meeting through specific training and social development issue

             * Leadership and group development training

             * Upgraded leadership training for elected UP members and Chairman’s

             * Para technician basic and upgrading training

             * Skill development training (village-level on-site and branch level)

             * Quarterly training for society chairpersons


Employees Training/ Workshop/ Orientation

       * Communication /Fellowship meeting for all employees

       * Orientation & Action planning workshop

       * Training on Fundamentals of Management & HRM

       * Activate Gender Focal Point.

       * Accounts management training

       *  Conduct Management Development Training for Branch Managers

       * Newly recruited Field Organizers basic training


Observe Days

        * International Women’s Day

       * Observe PDBF Founding Anniversary Day

       * International Mother Language day

       * Independence day

       * National victory day

       * Kannya Shishu Dibosh


Training module and materials production

During the year, HRD team was able to develop and produce huge number of training module and materials to support the training programs. The following training module were developed and produced:

         * Leadership and group development training module;

         * Advance leadership training module for UP members training;

         * Weekly training forum manual

         * Training module for society chairpersons;

         * Management development training handouts for BMs;

         * Handouts for FO-2 training.

         * Training guideline for apprentice FO-2.

         * Training manual for different IGAs.

         * Guidelines for client rally and founding anniversary.


Training Offered


PDBF training available for other organizations

PDBF have capacity to provide training services to clients and staff members of other development organizations. PDBF have their own trainer’s network in 15 locations of Bangladesh. The following training services are available for the client and staff:

        * Training for the client:

        * Leadership training

        * Poultry raising

        * Duck raising

        * Beef fattening

        * Cow rearing

        * Goat rearing

        * Pond fisheries